Our team integrates state of the art evolutionary design methodologies with intimate knowledge of the challenges of the semiconductor industry, to help make good designs even better.

Kevin Steptoe

Kevin has been instrumental in the start and success of some of the most prominent names in the electronic design automation businesses (EDA) in Europe. These include: Cadence Design System, Chronologic Simulation, Avant!, Magma Design Automation. He has held a variety of general management and executive roles: sales, marketing, product development, application engineering management. Kevin combines this with considerable international experience of managing large sales support teams and customer success across the world including Japan, Asia, China India and USA.

Dr Andy Tyrrell C.Eng.

Andy has been working in the area of fault-tolerant design of digital systems since 1983, incorporating fault-tolerant software and hardware for real-time applications, such as robotics, aerospace systems and automotive systems. Andy has pioneered the exploitation of biological systems inspired algorithms in the design of electronic systems.

Dr James Walker

James is a specialist in evolvable hardware and electronic design automation, with particular expertise in the areas of design synthesis and optimisation, reconfigurable architectures and variability-aware design. Working with Andy, James has built ngenics’ automated and scalable, multi-objective cell design technology platform, MOTIVATED™.

Simon Bale

Simon is a specialist in hardware design and has spent a number of years working on the design of novel RF devices before joining ngenics. Simon has been developing the MOTIVATED™ technology for the past two years and has an intimate knowledge and understanding of the technologies provided by ngenics.

Dr Chandrabhan Kushwah

Chandrabhan is a specialist in hardware design with particular expertise in the areas of variation aware SRAM design. Chandrabhan is using his specialist knowledge in the development of automated physical layout generation engines with high sigma verification within the MOTIVATED tool chain.

Emma Brown

Emma has extensive experience at working on the interface of developing cutting edge, research-driven technologies, and bringing them to market. With a background in product development, strategy development, and driving growth, Emma provides project management and business development expertise for ngenics.

James Hilder

James is a specialist in bio-inspired and distributed computing, with particular expertise in the areas of circuit design and optimisation and variability-aware design. Working with other members of ngenics James has used MOTIVATED™ to optimise novel circuit designs and was one of the lead engineers constructing a multi-platform version of MOTIVATED™.

Asen Asenov (FIEEE, FRSE)

Asen Asenov (FIEEE, FRSE) is a founder and CEO of Gold Standard Simulations (GSS) Ltd. ( GSS is the leader in predictive simulation of performance and of statistical variability in advanced CMOS, compact model extraction and generation technology and statistical circuit simulation. The GSS customers include foundries, IDMs, and fables companies. Asenov is also a Director of SureCore, Ltd, a low power SRAM design IP start-up company, SemiWise, Ltd. a semiconductor device IP company and Ngenics, Ltd an EDA tools development company. As a James Watt Professor in Electrical Engineering and Leader of the 30 members strong Glasgow Device Modelling Group ( Asenov directs the development of 2D and 3D quantum mechanical, Monte Carlo and classical device simulators and their application in the design of advanced and novel CMOS devices. Asenov has more than 750 publications and more than 170 invited talks in the above areas. For more details please see: